Funeral Cushions & Pillows

Made with thoughtful care and respect our team at Urban Design Flowers find real honour in being given the responsibility of making your funeral arrangements. For our customers across Birmingham and Solihull we offer a choice of beautiful customisable funeral pillows and cushions, which can make the perfect floral funeral tribute.

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Funeral Pillow and Cushion Tributes

Express your condolences with our gentle funeral pillow and cushion tributes, delivered in Birmingham and Solihull. Urban Design Flowers offers comforting arrangements to convey sympathy and support during times of loss, providing a soft tribute for your loved ones.

See the gentle beauty of our funeral pillow and cushion tributes at Urban Design Flowers. Each arrangement is created to offer comfort and solace, delivering heartfelt sympathies to Birmingham and Solihull with care and compassion.

Urban Design Flowers delivers beautiful tributes to Birmingham and Solihull, offering a gentle embrace of sympathy and support during difficult times.