Funeral flowers in Birmingham

Losing a loved one is a profound experience that leaves a void in our hearts. During this difficult time, flowers can serve as a meaningful way to express our condolences and pay tribute to the life of the departed. At Urban Design Flowers, we understand the importance of sending funeral flowers in Birmingham that reflect the unique personality and the cherished memories of the deceased.

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Our Funeral Designs In Birmingham

Although on this page we offer a small selection of designs, we do a wide variety of arrangements:

  • Coffin arrangements
  • Casket Sprays
  • Funeral Wreaths
  • Funeral Crosses
  • Funeral Hearts and Pillows
  • Letter Flowers
  • Tribute and Bespoke Arrangements
  • Sympathy Flowers

We also cater to specific members of the family:

  • Dad Funeral Flowers
  • Mum Funeral Flowers
  • Wife Funeral Flowers
  • Nan Funeral Flowers

Urban Design Flowers provide a wide range of Funeral Flower arrangements. Whether you would like a Traditional Funeral Wreath in the shape of a heart, a special tribute or a classic white wreath, we’ll arrange your flowers and deliver them to your desired location.

Traditionally the family of the deceased will send Name Tributes, whilst Coffin Sprays are selected by close family members or the person arranging the funeral. At Urban Design Flowers we understand just how overwhelming organising funeral flowers can be during this devastating time. We are here to help ease any worry when it comes to the funeral flowers from guests and yourself.

Funeral Flower Delivery in Birmingham and the UK

Should you or a family member request a certain colour theme, Urban Design Flowers accommodate will this and ensure everyone else who is sending flowers adheres to this. Don't worry about the meaning of flowers: Just let us help you choose a funeral tribute that you like and feel fits your message and we'll ensure that the Funeral Flowers are delivered at the most convenient time, to any address in Solihull, Birmingham and across the UK.

Embrace the Language of Flowers: A Universal Expression of Sympathy

Flowers have long been associated with grief and remembrance, serving as a poignant way to convey heartfelt sympathy and respect for the departed. Each flower species carries its own symbolic meaning, adding a layer of depth and significance to your floral tribute.

White Roses: Symbolising purity, innocence, and everlasting love, white roses are a timeless choice for funeral flowers. They represent the purity of the soul and the enduring love that transcends the physical world.

Lilies: Known for their delicate beauty and fragrant aroma, lilies symbolise rebirth, hope, and the transition from life to the afterlife. Their vibrant colours, such as white, yellow, and pink, add a touch of elegance and serenity to the funeral arrangement.

Chrysanthemums: Often associated with autumn and remembrance, chrysanthemums represent longevity, sympathy, and the enduring bond of love. Their vibrant colours, such as white, yellow, and pink, add a touch of warmth and compassion to the funeral bouquet.

Bespoke Funeral Arrangements for a Personal Touch

In the realm of grief, we recognise the importance of personal connections. We specialise in crafting bespoke funeral flower arrangements that honor the memories of the departed in a profoundly personal way. Our florists work closely with you to capture the essence of the individual, creating arrangements that serve as personalised tributes.

Consider Personal Touches: Incorporate meaningful mementos or cherished photos of the departed into the arrangement, creating a personalised touch that resonates with the family and friends of the deceased.

Choose Colours that Reflect Their Personality: Select flowers that embody their personality, such as vibrant sunflowers for a cheerful and outgoing individual or delicate orchids for someone who appreciated elegance and sophistication.

Incorporate Symbolism that Speaks to Their Life: Choose flowers that represent their passions, such as roses for romance or sunflowers for their love of nature.

Our Funeral Flower Delivery In Birmingham

We understand that during a time of loss, time is of the essence. Our funeral flower delivery service in Birmingham ensures that your floral tribute arrives promptly and in perfect condition, honouring the memory of the departed and providing comfort to those who remain.

Same-Day and Next-Day Delivery Options: We offer same-day and next-day delivery options to ensure that your floral tribute reaches the designated location promptly, adding a touch of solace and remembrance during this difficult time.

Flexible Delivery Options: We offer flexible delivery options to accommodate your specific needs, whether you're sending flowers to the funeral home, the family's home, or the gravesite.

Honouring the Legacy of Life: Exquisite Funeral Flowers from Urban Design Flowers

Let Urban Design Flowers be your partner in honouring the legacy of the departed with exquisite funeral flowers in Birmingham. We will work closely with you to create a floral tribute that reflects the unique personality and cherished memories of the deceased, providing comfort and solace to those who remain. Contact us today to arrange a funeral flower arrangement that will touch hearts and preserve the memory of the departed for years to come.