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First Impressions count and make a powerfull statement so check out our beautiful, professionally arranged flowers and plants for your office space, bars, hotels, reception flowers and resturants to bring some fresh vibrancy to enhance your space.

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Corporate Flowers for the Workplace

Fresh flowers breathe vibrancy and life into any work environment and are especially important in areas where you receive clients but also for general staff morale.

A stunning arrangement can transform an office to create a pleasant, welcoming image and compliment your company's image. We are all aware that first impressions count, so why not let Urban Design Flowers create a bespoke flower arrangements for your office space in birmingham and all over Solihull that reflects your professionalism and business skills.

Corporate Bouquets & Floral Displays

In addition to your regular floral arrangements, we at Urban Design Flowers can provide tailor made floral displays, bouquets and flower arrangements for your conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, Christmas parties and staff gifts. Our creativity in using a wide range of flowers that we can deliver sameday means we can design floral arrangements to be unique to any events you hold thoughout Birmingham and solihull


Urban Design Flowers provide a unique package of quality, designs and value at competitive rates.

Our florists at Urban Design Flowers in Birmingham consider each individual company's corporate image and personal requirements when creating floral designs, which range from the classically traditional to state of the art, our floral designers will ensure that your contract vases have the impact required week after week. We deliver 6 days a week to offices, pubs and resturants throught Solihull and Birmingham ensuring you have fresh flowers delivered to your bar or resturant each week. Office flowers in solihull can create a hugh different to the enviorment that your clients visit and create a beautiful office enviroment for your staff.

The Beneifts Of Flowers & Plants For Offices, Bars & Hotels

Adding flowers and plants to offices, bars, and restaurants in Solihull and Birmingham can provide a multitude of benefits that can greatly enhance the ambiance of your office in birmingham and appeal of these spaces or resturants in Solihull flowers can add a designer touch to any office or resturant. First and foremost, flowers and plants bring a touch of nature indoors, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere for customers and employees alike. They not only improve air quality by absorbing toxins and emitting oxygen but also contribute to better mental health by reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being.

What Our Services Include

  • Professional reliable service.

  • Plant maintenance.

  • Free consultation.

  • Free vases on weekly contracts.

  • Free trial (1 week).

  • Tailor made packages.

  • Delivery included.

  • Monthly billing.

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