Why Flowers are Important

Steve Betts | 23-Sep-19
Category : Florist

Why Flowers are Important

Flowers are more than just beautiful additions to the home. They light up our landscapes with colour and part of our natural ecosystem. But beyond this, flowers are critical for pollination of plants which provide us with oxygen, are a food source for both us and animals and are often used for medical purposes. Find out why flowers are so important to us and the world we live in.


The key purpose of flowers is to attract insects in order for them to pollinate other plants. Bees, wasps, ants and butterflies are primarily what is attracted to flowers and as such are the insects we all rely on. Without this natural process conducted by these creatures, plants wouldn’t be able to reproduce on a scale large enough to provide all living creatures with enough oxygen to survive. 

Due to the majority of these flowers requiring an external force (bees, wasps etc.) to pollinate them, they have evolved to make themselves more attractive to insects. For example, the bee orchid has evolved to appear as though is on the orchid in order to attract more of the flying pollinators. 


Flowers have provided a source of food for both animals and humans for centuries. Many plants such as basil, coriander and chives are commonly grown for their leaves, however, the flowers from these plants can also be used when cooking certain dishes. Some flowers like violets have a strong, sweet taste that can be used to top cakes crystallising them for decoration. One of the most common uses for flowers is tea. Chamomile, mint, ginger and jasmine are two flowers that are often used in teas which you may have seen in stores. 

As you can imagine many herbivores eat flowers as part of their natural diet. Deer and rabbits are the animals most partial to flowers like pansies. 


Many types of flowers are used for their medical properties. For instance, lavender oil can be used to treat burns and wounds. Tea from Echinacea flowers is said to boost the immune system and support oral health as well as being a good source of vitamin C. Chamomile is another flower often used for medical purposes as it can be good for soothing the symptoms of a cold like a sore throat. Hibiscus flowers are often blended into teas in some countries with it said to aid the digestive system and boost immune systems. Sunflowers are commonly harvested for their seeds as these too are said to support digestion, tackle high blood pressure and clear up skin. 

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