7 Tips for Taking Care of Flowers in the Winter

7 Tips for Taking Care of Flowers in the Winter

Winter is the harshest season on plants and flowers due to its cold temperatures and unpredictable weather. This makes it very difficult for flowers to bloom compared to in the summer.

If you know how to take care of your flowers during the winter, you won’t have to start from scratch when the weather gets better, regardless of whether your flowers are indoors or in your garden. We have created a list of tips on how to encourage the growth of your plants in the winter.


Outdoor flowers and plants need the most attention during the winter thanks to colder temperatures outdoors compared to indoors. The bad weather can take its toll quickly if you’re not prepared. Things you need to do include:

Cut them Back

Seasonal flowers, plants and vegetables need to be trimmed and pruned by removing blackened stems and useless foliage to prevent them from catching diseases over the winter.

Use Plenty of Mulch

Before the winter comes, you need to make sure you spread a new layer of soil so your plants can adapt to fresh soil in time for the cold weather. Spreading a new layer of mulch is a necessity in the winter, this will feed your plants upcoming to spring.

Frost can freeze and crack soil, so make sure you monitor your soil on a day-to-day basis and replace it as soon as you notice the soil to stiffen and attract frost.

Let It Snow

Don’t worry about letting snow getting on your soil. Snow is able to protect your soil and can be used as an insulator. It keeps the soil at a consistent temperature despite being freezing cold.

However, if it’s heavy snow, you might want to monitor the plants because the snow may weigh down the soil and damage/break any branches. Simply knock off any snow from branches and leaves, but make sure you start from the bottom, as the falling could land onto lower hanging leaves and branches.


It’s quite common to think that because your plants are indoors during the winter, they don’t need any extra attention or care - that is far from the case.

Although indoor plants may be more privileged than outdoor plants during the winter, they still need to be looked after. You should consider the following:

Mist Plants

Simply spray plants with a light mist, preferably once or twice a day. This is vital for tropical plants which thrive off of the humidity. If you do not have time to spray each plant individually, you can always place your plants near or in the bathroom when you have a hot, steamy shower/bath.

Dust Off your Plants

It may sound bizarre, however, dust can block the pores of leaves which can make it difficult for them to breathe. By giving them a quick wipe, you’ll clear your plant’s pores helping them survive, whilst looking fresh and clean.

Put Plants in Light

Putting your plants in light to grow isn’t news to anyone. However, in the winter with shorter days and longer nights, it’s a necessity to place plants in positions they whey can receive as much light as possible to remain healthy, This may require moving plants around the house in the day to ensure they can get as much sun as possible.

Reducing Watering

Although misting plants is essential in the winter, it’s possible to overwater them. Because plants grow at a slower rate in the winter, they require less water. If you’re unsure whether your plant has enough water or not, simply put your finger about 2 inches into the soil and if it is dry, your plant needs to be watered more.

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