Wedding Anniversary Meanings

steve | 31-Dec-11
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Anniversary Flowers have always been regarded as symbolic, they express our emotions when words and gestures are unable to do so.

Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversary Flowers have always been regarded as symbolic, they express our emotions when words and gestures are unable to do so.  An attractively arranged bunch of flowers represent meaning to an significant other. The beauty of flowers and the celebration of love are harmonious – which is why we celebrate wedding anniversaries with the delight of giving a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Anniversary celebrations began in medieval times when people celebrated 25 and 50 years of marriage. A husband would crown his wife with a wreath of silver for 25 years and of gold for 50. The tradition of gold and silver anniversaries still remain, however there is now a long list of other named anniversaries to accompany them. During the Victorian era couples would  accompany flowers with additional gifts, this would express their affection to one and another. Each gift represented a different stage of their relationship and also represented the number of years that the couple had remained committed.

Anniversary flowers add significance to your special day, Which is why here at Urban Design we work to  find the perfect floral arrangement for your loved one. Whether it’s your first year together, a couple of years or a decade, honor your marital bliss with the perfect anniversary flowers.

Different flowers reflect different sentiments and colour plays an integral role too! Flowers most popularly associated with love, typically include red roses  which symbolise passion whilst pink roses signifies joy and admiration.  Every flower holds a unique symbolic meaning that tells a story just like your relationship. We have a range of anniversary flowers including the classic  50 Red Hand-tied roses to our  designer and luxury flowers collection.

Below is a list of romantic flower meanings for each anniversary.

1st Red & White Roses - Unity

2nd White Carnations - Pride, beauty, living for love

3rd Bird of Paradise - Magnificence

4th Alstroemeria - Devotion, friendship

5th Bonsai/Topiary - Stability

6th Red Tulips - Declaration of love

7th Ivy Plant - Wedded love, fidelity, friendship

8th White Lilies - Purity, It's heavenly to be with you

9th Living Plant - Growth, everlasting

10th Pink Rose - To my friend, perfect happiness

11th White Daisies - Innocence, loyal love

12th Sunflower - Loyalty

13th Stock - You'll always be beautiful to me

14th Gladiolus - Remembrance, strength

15th Stephanotis - Happiness in marriage

16th Statice - Lasting beauty

17th Red Carnation - Deep love, passion

18th Porcelana Roses - Admiration

19th Bronze Mums - Joy, long-life, truth, wonderful friend

20th Pink & White Roses - I love you still and always will

25th Sterling Silver Roses - Love at first sight

30th White Rose - Purity

35th African Violet - Faithfulness

40th Red Roses - Perfect love, respect

45th Blue Iris - Faith, wisdom and health

50th Yellow Roses - Joy, gladness and friendship

55th Calla - Magnificent beauty

60th Orchids - Love, beauty, mature charm

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