Top 7 Flowers To Bloom In Summer

Steve Betts | 02-Jul-18
Category : Summer Flowers

Summer is a time for vibrancy and colour, and flowers are a huge part of this. Check out our top picks for summer flowers in 2018.

Summertime in the United Kingdom can be somewhat questionable at times. When we get the heat and the sun, we complain about the heat, but when it’s mild and grey we complain that it isn’t hot enough. There is no happy medium with the British public, however, there are many aspects of summer that we can have throughout the months of June, July and August, such as BBQs, Pimms, you get the picture. Something else that is in abundance (unlike the sun) is summer flowers. Summer is a time of colour, revival, weddings, celebrations, and nothing more represents all this than the burst of freshness that is personified through summer flowers, and here at Urban Design Flowers we have a list of our favourite summertime blooms that you need around your home.

Pom Pom Chrysanthemums

The Pom Pom sub-species of the Chrysanthemums is a beautiful flower that is available in a range of colours such as white, yellow, green and purple. The perfect accompaniment in any bunch of flowers, the Pom Pom Chrysanthemums can be placed eloquently in between larger, more dominant flowers to break up a bunch so it doesn’t look too overbearing. You can see Pom Pom Chrysanthemums displayed in our Summer Pinks Hand Tied Bouquet.


A perfectly fluffy flower, Carnations are a stunning and slightly peculiar looking flower which can play on the imagination. A perfectly sculpted piece of tissue art, or a representation of the sun, this flower can various meanings across its multiple array of colours, with purples, yellows, whites, pinks, reds and oranges being grown, as well as various combinations of each colour. We use the flower across our ranges of bouquets.


What other flower symbolises the power of summer than the almighty sunflower? As the largest flower to be part of this list, the sunflower is the ultimate signal that summer has arrived. Often dominating any flowers it is paired with, here at Urban Design Flowers, we have put together a very fitting hand tied lemon zest bouquet which has the perfect proportions between the sunflowers and other vibrant summer flowers.



A small delicate flower, the fine Lisianthus is a white flower, often added to summer flower bouquets as a dispurser when many larger flowers are of similar colours. Giving a visual look that closely resembles glitter in its bouquet appearances (as seen in our pink radiance hand tied bouquet), Lisianthus flowers are the perfect sprinkling to finish off any bouquet, and especially favour the bright and colourful blooms of the summer.


Perhaps the most well known of flowers, the Rose is more closely associated with Valentine’s Day. While the deep red is the most commonly known colour, roses come in a variety of colours including orange, yellow and pink, making for the perfect vibrant rose hand tied bouquet.


Coming in a range of warm and pastel colours, Gerberas are the perfect flower to compliment any bunch of flowers of summer flower bed. Despite their delicate appearance, Gerberas are a sturdy flower that are well known to withstand the various weather events the British summer can conjure up. While often being used as a complimentary assistant to larger, more striking flowers, Gerbera hand tied bouquets are an elegant and simple way to add some life and colour to any room in your home or workplace.

Here at Urban Design Flowers, we have a range of summer flowers available for your home or workplace, offering brilliant vibrancy and colour. Either pick from our established bouquets or design your own. For further assistance, contact our team who will be glad to help.


Urban Design Flowers also offer a flower subscription service for those who want a constantly refreshed supply of our amazing flowers.