Beautiful Lilies

Steve | 19-Apr-12
Category : Lilies

Information About Lilies

The symbolism of the lily is recognised throughout the world. The first stories about the flower date back to Ancient Greek and Roman times when brides were crowned with a garland of lilies. Not only because they looked beautiful but also in the hope of a pure and fertile life. The lily symbolises virginity, peace, spiritual love, innocence, mortality, majesty, purity and fertility; the latter in response to the phallic shape of the pistil.


Lilies can vary hugely in terms of shape and colour. For example the size of the flowers can vary between 7 cm and more than 25 cm. Some Flowers face sideways and are pendulous, others are turned back, trumpet, bowl or star shaped. 


White and the rest

The white Madonna lily is probably the most famous one. However, white is by no means the only colour. Red, pink, deep purple, orange and yellow with stripes or specks are all fabulous and popular types.

Get rid of the prejudices

The image of lilies as flowers that smell (too) strongly and leave pollen stains is a thing of the past. Most of the lilies available here have been cross bred and have no fragrance. The pollen problem has also been dealt with; the double flowered lilies actually no longer have stamens.

Lilies according to European florists

In a recent survey among European florists the lily actually overtook the large flowered rose in the popularity stakes. The participants based their judgement on

  • vase life
  • colours
  • flower opening in the home
  • mode of supply
  • leaf quality
  • and innovation of the range and pricing
Dutch crops and imports from the South

The natural time for harvesting lily bulbs is in autumn. But subjecting the bulbs to cold treatment and freezing them allows Dutch growers to plant them all year round. The Orientals are imported from the Southern hemisphere, from countries like New Zealand and Chile. As these bulbs are fresher, storage problem can be solved by natural means. 

The flower quality benefits from this, especially in winter. The quality of Asian lilies are better in winter, mainly as a result of additional lighting and good cultivar selection. The lilies are grown outdoors, which generally results in stronger stems and more intense colours.