8 Easy Flower and Plant Care Tips
Steve | 08-Jan-20
Category : Florist

Need advice on how to keep your flowers and plants healthy? We’ve created a list of our top flower and plant care tips to help them last longer.

7 Tips for Taking Care of Flowers in the Winter
Steve Betts | 20-Nov-19
Category : Florist

Winter brings with it some tumultuous weather which can be tough for both indoor and outdoor plants. Here is our guide on how to look after them.

The Meaning Behind Different Flowers
Steve Betts | 28-Oct-19
Category : Florist

Whilst roses are renowned for symbolizing love, do you know the meaning behind other flowers? Discover the meanings behind different flowers from our guide.

Why Flowers are Important
Steve Betts | 23-Sep-19
Category : Florist

Our Funeral Flower Guide: Which Flowers to Pick for a Funeral
Steve Betts | 04-Sep-19
Category : Funerals

Deciding which flowers to pick for a funeral is tough. Here at Urban Design Flowers, we have created a complete guide to picking funeral flowers.

10 Tips on How to Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Alive Longer
Steve Betts | 13-Aug-19
Category : Florist

Read our list of tested methods for extending the life of your flowers to keep them looking fresh for longer by reducing harm providing nutrients.

Summer Wedding Flower Ideas
Steve Betts | 13-May-19
Category : Weddings

Read our list of the best summer wedding flowers for your big day.

Top 7 Flowers To Bloom In Summer
Steve Betts | 02-Jul-18
Category : Summer Flowers

Summer is a time for vibrancy and colour, and flowers are a huge part of this. Check out our top picks for summer flowers in 2018.

Royal Wedding Flower Predictions 2018
Steve Betts | 18-May-18
Category : Wedding Flowers

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding just days away, the UK’s getting the Pimms, strawberries and scones prepared in order to celebrate. One of our favourite aspects of any wedding is the flowers. Check out our flower predictions for the royal wedding!

Free Flower Delivery to Birmingham & Solihull
Steve Betts | 05-Apr-18
Category : Flower Delivery

Urban Design Flowers are offering free flower delivery to Birmingham & Solihull this April. To celebrate the start of Spring, we are offering free flower delivery to all locations across Birmingham & Solihull. Free flower delivery is available on Spring flowers, Wedding flowers, Funeral flowers and more.

Everything About Spring Flowers
Steve Betts | 05-Apr-18
Category : Spring Flowers

Whether you’re looking for an arrangement of Easter flowers to grace the dinner table on Easter Sunday, or you’re after the perfect bridal bouquet for your Spring wedding, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Spring flowers, and which ones you should get!

The History of Valentine's Day
Steve Betts | 19-Jan-18
Category : Valentine's Day

The History of Valentine's Day is not what you may think. Though now it consists of love and showing your devotion, is has had a mixed past. Here we look at how it came to be today.

Top 5 Spring Ideas for Bridal Bouquets
Steve Betts | 13-Apr-17
Category : Spring

With so many delightful flowers in bloom, we have decided to put together some inspirational spring ideas for bridal bouquets.

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017
Steve Betts | 22-Feb-17
Category : Mothers Day

We have put together the ultimate Urban Design gift guide to treat the lovely lady in your life this Mother's day.

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017
Steve Betts | 16-Jan-17

We have put together the ultimate Urban Design gift guide to treat your loved one this Valentine's day.

The Best Flowers To Give at Graduation
Steve Betts | 01-Aug-16

Steve Betts of Urban Design Flowers in Solihull wins Gold at RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Steve Betts | 24-May-16

Local florist Steve Betts, owner of Urban Design Flowers in Solihull and the Interflora team have been awarded a Gold medal for their eye catching floral design exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

We’re Proud To Be Part of The Florist Team For Michelle Keegan & Mark Wright’s Wedding
Steve Betts | 13-Jul-15
Category : Wedding Flowers

We’re ecstatic to announce that our very own Steve Betts was chosen as part of the Interflora team for Michelle Keegan & Mark Wright’s wedding.

Surprise Surprise Flowers
Steve | 27-Jan-15

Interview With The Boss
Bob | 24-Nov-14

Working with Interflora, Mark Wright and ITV on Interflora's ad campaign for Surprise Surprise.

The etiquette of sympathy flowers

Exam Results
Steve | 13-Aug-14

Thank You Gift Ideas
Steve | 10-Aug-14

Birmingham's Biggest Heart
Steve | 03-Feb-14
Category : Valentines Heart

A 5ft Heart window display made using red and pink wool.

The Meaning Of Roses
Steve | 08-Jul-13
Category : Flowers

The Meaning Of Roses.

Chelsea Flower Show
Steve | 23-May-13

Creative Floristry at it's best.

Chelsea Flower Show 2013
steve | 17-May-13

Chelsea Flower Show with Interflora and a Birmingham florist

Chelsea Flowers Show

Urban Design Flowers & creative director Steve Betts chosen to be part of the design team for Interflora's exhibit at this years Chelsea Flower Show.

A Thank You From Us
Steve | 10-Jul-12
Category : Discount Voucher

£5 Discount Voucher From Urban Design Flowers

Beautiful Lilies
Steve | 19-Apr-12
Category : Lilies

Information About Lilies

The Meaning Of Rose Colours
Steve | 07-Mar-12
Category : Rose Colours

The Meaning Of Rose Colours

Mother's Day Flowers
Steve | 28-Feb-12

Mother's Day Flowers

Caring For Your Flowers
Steve | 20-Feb-12
Category : Floral Care

Looking After Your Flowers

Kate & Ty Wedding At Warwick Castle
steve | 07-Feb-12

Wedding Flowers At Warwick Castle

Designer Floristry
steve | 25-Jan-12
Category : Designer Flowers

Fresh Magazine

steve | 25-Jan-12

Steve & Rachel's Vintage Seaside Wedding
rachel | 25-Jan-12
Category : wedding flowers

Steve & Rachel's Vintage Seaside Wedding

Wedding Anniversary Meanings
steve | 31-Dec-11
Category : Anniversarys

Anniversary Flowers have always been regarded as symbolic, they express our emotions when words and gestures are unable to do so.

Mothers Day Flowers
steve | 31-Dec-11
Category : Mothers Day

Funeral Card Message Suggestions
Steve | 07-Jan-11