Florist Solihull

Florist Solihull
So you've received a luxurious bouquet of flowers. You've basked in the envious looks from your work colleagues. And you've managed to get them home in one piece, despite the intentions of the British weather to see you don't. What now? How can you make the most of these tokens of affection, while prolonging your enjoyment of them? Steve Betts, an acclaimed Florist in Solihull, offers the following tips:

Remove the wrapping from the bottom of your flowers and drain the water into the sink.

Use a clean vase of a suitable size to comfortably contain the flowers add the flower food provided and fill the vase three quarters of the way with water.

Remove any leaves that will be submerged below water, as these will rot and spread bacteria.

Change the water regularly and remove any dead flowers.

Position the finished arrangement in the desired position. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, as this will cause the water to evaporate and the flowers to wilt.

Sit back and enjoy your beautiful contemporary bouquet.

Steve Betts runs Urban Design Flowers, an award-winning and internationally renowned Florist in Solihull.

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