The Meaning Behind Different Flowers

Steve Betts | 28-Oct-19
Category : Florist

Whilst roses are renowned for symbolizing love, do you know the meaning behind other flowers? Discover the meanings behind different flowers from our guide.

The Meaning Behind Different Flowers 

Everybody should know that roses symbolize love, but what about the other flowers? Flower language - also known as floriography - is flower symbolism, which depends on the type and colour of the flowers.

Do you want to send your partner a rose to show love? Or are you looking for a different flower with more of a meaning? However you want to express yourself, say it with flowers! There's practically a flower for every mood you are feeling.  

We have created a guide about the language of flowers, so your next bouquet or flower has that extra meaning behind it. Here are our favourite flowers with the most sentimental meanings: 

Red Tulip 

Similar to red roses, red tulips are also considered as a declaration of love. Tulips mean perfect love. Red tulips take the meaning further and they symbolise true love, making them the perfect gift for your significant other. 


Daffodils are a symbol for ‘new beginnings’. These flowers are the perfect gift for someone celebrating a new job, a new home or a new-born.  



Sunflowers are seen as a symbol of loyalty and dedication, but sunflowers can also represent haughtiness. 

You tend to send sunflowers in a bouquet with a mix of other flowers due to their two meanings being contradictory. Sending sunflowers by themselves often doesn’t give any sort of context, whereas if you were to send them in a bouquet with other flowers of a similar meaning, it would make more sense. 



These pure and beautiful gardenia flowers represent newly blooming love and affection. These can be sent solo or in a bouquet and their message is letting someone know “I think I’m in love with you”. 

The gardenia is the perfect flower to send someone who you can see a future with or a subtle crush.


An iris can have different meanings depending on their colour. Purple irises symbolise wisdom and eloquence. The yellow iris represents passion, while blue irises symbolise hope and faith. The traditional white iris stands for purity which is the common meaning with different variations of white flowers.


The orchid symbolises refined and exquisite beauty. It’s widely considered to be the floral embodiment of a mature and proud individual with sexual femininity. 

Are you looking to express your love to your significant other? The orchid’s elegance and respected beauty makes for the perfect message to show desire, love and eternal happiness. 


The original meaning behind the name is the Anglo Saxon “daes eage” which means “day’s eye”. The daisy was called this because they bloom at dawn, which is when the new day begins. 

Daisies symbolize innocence and purity as well as new beginnings, and the meaning of the daisy is “loyal love” and “I will never tell”.


Gerberas is in the same flower family as sunflowers, daisies and asters. The gerberas also means innocence and purity, whilst they also hold the added meaning of cheerfulness. 


Lilies come in all different shapes and sizes across the globe. Lilies are the perfect plants for beds and windowsills. The white lily flower symbolises redefined beauty and purity. The meaning of lilies can vary depending on the colour.

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