The Best Flowers To Give at Graduation

Steve Betts | 01-Aug-16

The Best Flowers to give at Graduation

If your partner, friend or family member is preparing for graduation, flowers are a perfect way to congratulate a graduate, especially if you cannot be there in person. There are so many flowers to choose from and the opportunities are endless, so we thought we have put a guide together to narrow it down for you.

The Perfect Graduation Flower




Mixed Rose and Orchid Hand-tied


Orchids are a unique and distinguishable flower and often live longer than any flower after being cut. The orchid is a perfect gift to send someone at graduation as each colour symbolises something different. A purple orchid is perfect for your graduating spouse as it symbolises admiration and respect of their achievement. A yellow orchid connotes joy and new beginnings, which would suit friends or family members. You can also show your loved one how proud you are with an orange orchid.




The carnation, also known as Dianthus Caryophyllus, has a rich history and each colour holds a different message. Carnations are a fantastic flower to give to a graduate as its overall symbolism reflects that of good health, love and bonds of affection, and appropriate for almost any occasion. A light red carnation will show that you have admiration and pride, yellow is symbolic of friendship.



White Lily Sunshine Hand-tied

The earliest use of the lily dates back 1580 B.C, and they are the fourth most popular flower in the world. These stunning flowers have the overall message of devotion, and bloom all year round. The Peruvian Lily is the perfect graduation gift as it represents friendship and devotion, and the Pink Stargazer wishes wealth and prosperity, which is something everyone strives for after leaving education.




12 Luxury Naomi Roses With Gypsophila

If you are unsure of what to send then rely on the old faithful, roses (we mean the flowers, not the Birmingham-based confectionary).  Roses are synonymous with love and devotion, and the beauty of the flower also expresses balance, wisdom and new beginnings. A red rose is perfect for your partner, as it has connotations of romance and love. If they’re just a friend or a family member, the yellow rose implies happiness.




You can order your perfect graduation flowers online, or any if you need advice do not hesitate to contact us.


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