Juniper Berry & Lemon Essential Oils Candle

The Lost and Fond Candles are made with essential oil and soy wax. Hope these exclusively scented candles bring calmness and inspiration to your daily life. For your daily routine or for various moods, activities and seasons. PICK YOUR SCENT... Cedarwood & Neroli Light: MOONCHILD FOREST Patchouli & Sweet Orange: LOST IN THE WOOD Chamomile Roman & Geranium: MID-SUMMER BLOSSOM Rosewood & Neroli Light: FLORIST'S ENDEARMENT Lavender & Clary Sage: STARRY LAGOON Eucalyptus & Lavender: GENTLE SUNRISE Lavender & Sweet Orange: MIDNIGHT MEADOW Clementine & Clove Bud: FESTIVE MULLED CHEERS Sweet Orange & Bergamot: CITRUS DELIGHT Juniper Berry & Lemon: GIN FESTIVAL Citronella & Tea Tree: BALI RETREAT Lemon & Rosemary: DREAMER'S ELIXIR Features: - Wood wick and comes with recyclable gift box, twine - 200ml tin candle burns around 40 hours - 500ml glass jar with 2 wicks burns around 55 hours - Homemade and hand-poured - Made with essential oils and natural soy wax, paraffin-free * Test

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