The Perfect Christmas Flowers

Steve Betts | 26-Oct-16

Christmas is just around the corner, and flowers are the perfect way to decorate your house. Find out more!

The Perfect Christmas Flowers

Now that Summer is a distant memory of the past, it is time to start preparing for the festive season ahead… Christmas. It’s time for gingerbread lattes, poinsettias and the Birmingham German Market. Putting the tree up at Christmas is arguably just as important as celebrating Christmas itself, as it becomes a family event where traditions are made.

One way to decorate the house for the festive season is with beautiful fresh Christmas flowers . Christmas is the season of love and giving, and there are many flowers with these connotations to choose from. Silver and white flowers are also ideal for Christmas, as well as reds, golds and oranges. Here are five gorgeous flowers that you could choose for Christmas;

Red and Orange Gerberas



Gerbera Daisies (named after German Botanist and Physician Trauggott Gerber) are one of the longest lasting flowers when cut and placed into a vase. The centre of a Gerbera is made up of thousands of tiny flowers, and every single Gerbera looks different.

Gerbera daisies are cheerful flowers that brighten everyone’s day. They are the perfect flower for decorating your house, or as a Christmas gift, as they grow in every colour of the rainbow (except blue). Reds, oranges, yellows and purples are all warm Christmas colours that would make a stunning table centrepiece.


Superior Christmas Rose & Lily Hand-tied

Roses are the ultimate symbol of everlasting love, and a great gift to give a partner during the festive season. From a vibrant red rose to an elegant white rose there are many different colours that have many lovely connotations.

A red rose is a universal symbol for love, and perfect for a loving family home for the festive months. Pink roses are a sign of happiness. Pairing red and white roses together creates a stunning bouquet and also means unity between two people.

There is also the option of choosing the Christmas Rose (which isn’t actually a rose and belongs to the buttercup family), with stunning white petals edged in pink.





Anthuriums (also known as the Flamingo Flower) are an interesting choice of flower for the festive season because they are a tropical flower. However, their bright red colouring and heart shape have come to symbolise hospitality - which is what Christmas is all about.

Although Anthuriums may not be the obvious flower of choice for Christmas, they enhance any bouquet, with their gorgeous shape and colour.


White Lilies


Luxury White Lily Vase


Lilies are stunning flowers, bringing beauty and fragrance into the house. Although lilies are not a traditional choice of flower for the festive months,

White and yellow lilies look spectacular against the reds and golds. White lilies symbolise chastity and virtue, which are all qualities of the Virgin Mary, who birthed Christ.

Red lilies are a gorgeous alternative to the poinsettia - especially if you’re looking to try something new and want to stray away from traditional Christmas flower. These flowers bloom just as well indoors as they do outdoors, and the overall blooming process lasts for up to a fortnight.



Amaryllis are popular for their 6 to 10-inch trumpet-shaped flowers that are born on 1 to 2-foot stalks. Although red and scarlet tend to be the most popular colours, the flowers also bloom in pink, white, salmon, apricot and rose. Amaryllis are often given and received as gifts, the beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers certainly do make a spectacular Christmas decoration.

You can order your perfect Christmas flowers online, or any, if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us.


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