Shedding Some Romantic Light On Valentine's Day

Steve | 28-Jan-14

Red Roses Deliverd In Birmingham

Shedding Some Romantic Light On Valentine's Day

At Urban Design Flowers we've been looking at some of the traditions surrounding the most romantic day of the year.  Valentine's Day could easily be mistaken for an American holiday, but surprisingly, the custom of sending cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts actually originates in the UK.


One of the traditions that dates back to the 1700s involved single women pinning five Bay Leaves to their pillow on Valentine's Day eve, sprinkling them with rosewater and reciting poetry in the hopes of attracting the husband of their dreams. In Norfolk, a mischievous character named 'Jack Valentine' was said to visit children and knock on their doors the night before Valentine's Day, leaving sweets and presents behind.


But Valentine's Day means different things to different people. Where these traditions come from seem almost irrelevant when you look at the meaning behind the romantic gesture of sending someone flowers.


Our in-house experts have put together a check-list to ensure that you and your Valentine have a hassle-free and truly romantic day, whatever your budget and tastes!


1.      Avoid the last minute 'panic buy' of spray carnations from your local garage or supermarket- you will get found out.

2.      Have your hand-tied bouquet delivered to your special someone in work or at home to brighten up their day and yours.

3.      Don't be afraid to think outside the box with colour. Yes, red roses traditionally symbolise love, but there are plenty of equally romantic colours and flower varieties out there.

4.      The card accompanying your bouquet is your real chance to shine- many people neglect this small token, but this can ultimately be the finishing touch to turn a simple bunch of flowers into a beautiful, present from the heart.


We're all about the individual here at Urban Design Flowers. No two of our Valentine's Day bouquets are ever the same. We're also on-hand to assist you if you're stuck for ideas and are looking to wow your other half and make it a day to remember!