8 Best Flowers for Valentines Day

Steve | 07-Feb-20
Category : Valentine's Day

We’ve selected our best Valentine’s Day flowers, allowing you to make the right decision for your partner.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to show your significant other how much you love and care for them with beautiful flowers and gifts. While you may think of small gifts and small gestures throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is the best day to go all out on love and affection. 

It’s essential to know what your partner’s favourite flower is, different flowers may mean different things to them and can remind them of the best moments in their life.

It can be a very stressful time of year trying to find the perfect gift to buy for your loved one, and as Valentine’s day approaches, the pressure is rising. Urban Design are here to help. We’ve selected our best Valentine’s Day flowers, allowing you to make the right decision for your partner.



As expected, Roses are still the number one Valentine’s Day flower and most likely will remain a firm favourite. Red Roses are by far the most memorable and iconic flowers when someone mentions the word ‘Love’.


Roses are so iconic for Valentine’s Day, we’ve dedicated many of our Valentine’s bouquets to this precious flower.



Tulips by many as seen as an alternative for Roses. The meaning behind Tulips means ‘perfect love’, and red Tulips take the meaning further by symbolising  true love, making them the flawless gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day.

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Orchids are a stunning, delicate and highly sensual flower to gift someone. Some see sending an Orchid as more romantic than sending a rose, Orchids offer a way for you to send  a sentimental message to your loved one.

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Alstroemeria, also known as Preuvian lilies, are long-lasting, eye-catching flowers that represent both friendship and devotion to your partner. They are native to South America and can grow multiple blooms on a single stem. These flowers are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone of an artistic and creative nature. 



In the Western world, Daffodils represent ‘new beginnings’. These flowers are the perfect flower for Valentine’s day if it's your first with your partner. 

Secret and long-distance lovers often send daffodils to express their love for each other, and since Valentine’s Day encourages secret lovers and admirers to express their feelings, Daffodils can be a great show of affection or subtle hint. 



Representing the sun, Sunflowers are bright, vibrant and warm. They also express loyalty and are an all-round mood lifting type of flower and are available all year round. An entire bouquet of Sunflowers conveys warmth, happiness, adoration, and long-lasting love and affection.



Carnations have recently made a comeback, being bright, fresh and available in many colours and styles, no two Carnations are the same adding personality and uniqueness to each bouquet.



If you’re looking to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in an extra special way this year, consider gifting your partner a bouquet of lilies. Lillies are used to express the ambition and affection of your loved one.

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If you’re looking for other types of flowers, bouquets and gifts for your lover for Valentine’s Day, take a look at our full range of Valentine’s Day Flowers to pick the perfect gift for your significant other.

Urban Design Flowers also offer a flower subscription service for those who want a constantly refreshed supply of our elegant and fresh flowers.